Future Pinball - The Addams Family


The most sinister pinball table



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Future Pinball - The Addams Family is a pinball table that lets you enjoy this legendary table, which is based on the The Adams Family movie and was created by Midway in 1992, on the Future Pinball creation and editing tool (also available on Uptodown).

The table looks exactly the same as the original found in arcades during the nineties, and comes with sound effects from the movie, including the real voices of the actors.

As always, the ball physics are simply faultless. Hitting balls around the screen is most satisfying, thanks to the number of extra 'missions' and details that are included. For example, the table has a particular spot where, if the ball lands in it, 'thing' appears and steals the ball. This was something that also happened on the real table.

Future Pinball - The Addams Family is a great table based on one of the most popular tables in the nineties. It is not only an ideal table for film fans, but also one of the funniest tables out there.

It is necessary to have Future Pinball installed in order to install the table.

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